Thursday, February 7, 2013

On 'Gringas'

The typical term used for foreign people here and in most Latin American countries is 'Gringo' (gringa for girls). This usually boils down to North Americans only (with an emphasis on people from the U.S.). Some people use it with a kind friendly emphasis, however some people use it more to categorize foreign looking people.

It really irks me when people decide that I'm a Gringa before I even open my mouth. Mostly because I have fare skin, light eyes, and golden hair. This causes lots of whistling and people yelling "Hello, how are you" in English on the streets. Even children do it! The only people that don't seem to pay any mind are middle aged women!

Nonetheless, it is very tiring being the ever foreign girl, no matter how hard you try to fit in. Tonight was no different. I went to a high class club with my Venezuelan friend, her friends, and a Canadian boy. I was asked to dance on multiple occasions; one ending with a guy taking a picture with me, and I felt like I was in exhibit at the zoo the rest of the time.

The second guy that asked me to dance, waved me over, and when I refused he came to me. The first thing he said was "Are you from the United States?". I was so irritated that he would assume I was based on my looks. I turned to him and said "No, I'm Brazilian." He was astonished and his interest in me diminished significantly.

I don't know why being foreign from brazil makes me feel any less foreign, but I prefer it and it keeps the creepier men off my back.

Until the next irritating encounter,
Besos :*

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