Friday, March 15, 2013

American Lunch Tuesday Review: Subway

American Lunch Tuesday this week:

Featuring Subway.

This review is a few weeks old, seeing as I had typed it up immediately and then it wouldn't publish or save as a draft due to my lack of Internet. Then I became lazy and put it off until now!

A friend and my fellow American luncher and I walked to the nearest Subway, which happens to be farther than the McDonalds, and much farther than we were expecting! There are also multiple Subways around Mérida, but we went to the one closest to our school.

Here is the review:

COST: The cost of a regular six inch sub at the legal exchange rate is about $8.00. To make it a footlong, it then costs about $13.00. And to make that a meal it costs a whopping $18.00!! At the legal exchange rate I don't know how anyone could afford Subway, nonetheless how the Venezuelans can afford it! I always thought it was pricey fast food in the states, and people complained about a non-true februany! This here is crazy. EPIC FAIL

BREAD: As I walked into the door of subway, I could already smell that unique delicious bread smell, that ruins your senses and wrecks your clothes because you can't wash it out. I walked up to look at the bread selections, most of them were the same. I ordered Italian Herb and Cheese. It was the perfect blend of spices and cheese and the bread was soft, although not doughy, and it was just a little crisp. It was perfect and delicious and although it wasn't scored in proper Subway technique, it was great for sandwich making! High Pass

TERIYAKI CHICKEN: I ordered one of my personal favorites, the teriyaki chicken. It came in small portions and didn't have much teriyaki sauce, which made it a little dry and not up to my high expectations. Although the chicken itself tasted fine and it was a nice supplement to the bread, vegetables, and dressing I ordered. Medium Pass

THE WORKS: I decided to toast my sub with American cheese on it. Before I put it through the toaster I asked them to put on onions and bell peppers so that they would be toasted too. That was something I had learned from years of experience with Subway. He asked me if I wanted to put sweet onion sauce and honey mustard on the vegetables before I toasted it. I tried to refuse because it sounded ridiculous, but he was persistent and I gave in. Then after it was toasted I continued to put on lettuce (which can be dangerous, unsanitary, and cause parasites...but I was living on the edge), tomatoes, and pickles. Apparently try have corn as well, but I never saw it. Then I had them put on ranch, barbecue sauce, and a little ranch, and close it up. The overall presentation was neat, it was fairly easy to eat (as can be expected with tons of dressing and vegetables) and the vegetable portions were a hardy size. Not too mention that it was absolutely delicious! High Pass.

DRINK: I decided to make it a meal and with that I got a small drink. However, unlike almost everywhere in South America, there were free refills. The free refills made my day and trumped any problem with the small size of the glass. There were also coke products and a delicious peach flavored sweet tea. Pass.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: I found the customer service to be above average. The people were very friendly and efficient with their time management and sandwich making technique. They were helpful and knowing we were foreign, they were beyond patient. When I went to order cookies instead of chips, I asked for two. A worker told me that in the US we get two, but in Venezuela they only get one. I told him to surprise me. He surprised me with a free cookie, one of each flavor I wanted to try! High Pass.

COOKIES How could anyone resist Subway's famous cookies? I couldn't, I never can! Ever since I learned the beauty of broken cookies that are free for employees, I've never been able to turn down that soft delectable piece of heaven. I received a Chocolate Chip cookie and a Double Chocolate cookie because those were always my two favorites. However I found them both to be dry, to be crunchy, and overall unpleasant. They were a fine substitute for a cookie, because it had been about 3-4 months since I'd even had a real cookie, but they were pathetic in comparison. I even felt bad about offering bites to other people because they were so embarrassing Fail.

Note: There was no Februany, however there was one deal of the day.

Overall: I didn't get a parasite. It was an overall pleasant experience that left me full and satisfied. Even though it was relatively expensive it was worth it. However, being an extreme Subway critic and ever judgemental to the art of sandwich making, it will never be as good as the Subway in Northfield, MN, which I deem one of the best in the world. Now my mouth is watering and I could really go for some Subway! Thanks... Pass.

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